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socialjustice's Journal

Social Justice on LJ
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A safe-space for discussing all social issues.
This community is designed to be a safe space for social discourse.
Any and all rants, raves, discussions, anecdotes, and queries regarding social issues are welcome.

Community Mission Statement: In a world where minorties' voices are silenced every day, this community is designed to be a safe space where we can voice our discontent without fear of being ridiculed. Still, we acknowledge that each community member will not always agree with every person who posts. Respectful discussion of disagreements is encouraged, and fosters an environment of learning and exploration. This is what we mean by "safe space"--one tiny little corner of the internet where a person can speak and know they will be heard. Even if they are disagreed with, they will still have their voice.

Community Guidelines:

1. Do not further oppress marginalized groups. Keep all misogynist, racist, homophobic, ableist, transphobic, and all other privileged language out of your posts and comments. If you are called on an inappropriate comment, take a moment to reflect before getting defensive. And remember, intent isn't magic.

2. Do not derail conversations. It's fairly easy to do, but if you're called on derailing, stop, and bring the discussion back to point.

3. Beware of the traps of oppression. Many minorities can fall into the trap of internalized prejudice every now and then; it's an unfortunate side effect of growing up in biased society. It's this community's goal to actively combat that.

4. Disagreements are inevitable and acceptable, but handle them respectfully. We're here to rage against society, not each other. That being said, it is inevitable that some people within the community will have privilege over others, and calling out privilege is always welcome. Some of the opinions expressed within the community may be too extreme or radical for some members. This does not give anyone permission to insult the people who hold those views, or accuse them of holding back the movement/being "reverse-prejudiced"/making social justice inaccessible/being "wrong" about a particular issue being prejudiced. If you see no problem with something another person is upset by, do not flippantly dismiss their complaint.

5. No fauxpologies. If you are called out for prejudicial behavior, use it as a chance to reflect on your thoughts and behaviors. Given the nature of topics that often arise in SJ spaces, watching for prejudicial behavior also extends to not talking over survivors of prejudiced violence.

Posting Rules:

1. Posts must be SJ-positive. Posts complaining about the perceived "negative effects of working for social equality" the "oppression" of privileged people, etc. are not welcome. Posts acknowledging those stereotypes in support of abolishing them, however, are fine.

2. Include trigger warnings when necessary. Also place any potentially triggering material behind an lj-cut or spoiler-cut. Use your judgment, but also respect when someone requests that a warning be added to your post.

3. Snark against prejudice on LJ and elsewhere on the web is allowed, but do not make personal attacks. A person's rage-inducing ignorance will speak for itself, there is no need to personally attack those individuals.

4. Do not delete posts or comments. If comments on your post are breaking the community rules, message a mod and those users will be alerted to their missteps. If you dislike comments on your post because they are calling out how you broke a community rule, then edit your post to remove the offensive material, and apologize for the slip-up.

5. Source your posts when applicable. Include links to news articles or blog posts you reference, and provide context to images/quotes/etc. whenever possible.

6. Use lj-cuts when necessary. Only one image 500x500 pixels or less is permitted outside of a cut. Also use a cut if your post is exceptionally long.

7. Do not excessively format your entries. Changing the alignment of text or images is fine, as is making fonts larger, or bold/italicized/underlined. Changing font type or color, or making fonts smaller is not allowed. This can result in entries being virtually unreadable for the visually impaired. Also, please try to add alt text to your images, or a caption below explaining what is contained in the image, for those using screen readers. If linking to a video or audio file that does not contain captions or a summary, please try to quote or summarize pertinent information for the hearing impaired.

Breaking of these guidelines and rules will be reviewed on an individual basis. Most first-time and/or minor offenses will be met with a warning, but particularly offensive or repeated infractions will result in being banned. This community has a strict no trolling policy--do not play "devil's advocate" in an attempt to elicit an angry response, or you will be banned. Refusal to recognize and cease privileged behavior will result in being banned. Deletion of comments or posts will receive one warning before resulting in a ban.

Membership is moderated. Requests are usually rejected from users with profiles or entries that indicate a stark divide from this community's mission statement (ie, they contain bigotry, insult the SJ movement, etc.). The same criteria applies if users are known to spout such ideals elsewhere on LJ. We want this to stay a safe space, and while we don't want to turn down people who are looking to learn and grow in equality, we also don't want to let trolls in the dungeon. Our members deserve better. If you've been rejected and would like to appeal the decision, you may comment in the welcome post linked below.

If you have an issue with the community you'd like to address, or if you have a suggestion for how things can be improved, please comment on this entry.